About Us


In 1966 twelve top cricketers from Bermuda were on tour in Canada together and a conversation was begun that would change their lives. The two-week Select tour brought out a lot of passion and energy from the group and the men agreed that they wanted to go into business together, although their initial thoughts were scattered and undefined. By April the next year, they were opening the International Sports Shop on Bermudiana Road, with William Minors at the helm, having stepped forward to manage the store.

The principle directors and primary owners of the business were sporting greats and all Cup Match cricketers in their time. Cal “Bummy” Simons, a national cricketer and footballer, Dennis Wainwright, President of the Body Builders Association and a top cricketer, Eldon Raynor and the late Charles Daulphin. “We were all at the heart of decision making and the store reflected who we are,” Mr. Minors recalls. The group all saved their money to start the venture and Mr. Minors had an evening job until the store was self-sustaining.

The legacy continues as it is handed over to a younger group of sportsmen (Brian Purvey, Daniel Morgan, Derek Hurdle & Harry Andrews) in 2008, equally dedicated to doing things jointly. Mr. Minors says of the sale, “We’re so pleased that it was sold to these guys, they reminded us a little of ourselves. It is good for the owners to be connected to the sporting world, it makes a big difference.”